Inside of a covered wagon accommodation featuring southwestern decor
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Did You Know You Can Stay in a Covered Wagon in the Finger Lakes?

Have you ever stayed in some super unique accommodations during your travels? Because I definitely have. In fact, I search them out. Haunted hotels, rustic tents, cozy bed and breakfasts, glamping tents, treehouses… One new type of accommodation that is becoming popular? Covered wagons. I previously stayed at one near Binghamton that was part of a campground. But I have to say that the coziness and amenities of the covered wagon in the Finger Lakes was top notch. It’ll make you feel like you’re traveling along the Oregon Trail. Just without the fear of dysentery.

Thank you goes to Finger Lakes Countrysides for arranging my stay at the Wine Trail Covered Wagon so I could share my experiences with you.

The Wine Trail Covered Wagon in Penn Yan

Part of the Skelly Properties group of accommodations, the “Wine Trail Covered Wagon” is located just southeast of the village of Penn Yan. The other places to stay include a yurt, log cabin, tiny home, and little a-frame. They are scattered throughout the property, but far enough from each other to provide privacy. Each of the accommodations provides full amenities.

Despite being a little more remote than typical properties, the covered wagon has everything you need. There is enough room inside for a sitting area, sleeping area, and full (albeit small) bathroom. The southwestern decor with highland cattle was spot on. The wagon also has some creature comforts for our modern lives. There is WiFi, electricity with multiple outlets, a tv, mini refrigerator, microwave. It goes without saying that there is a coffee maker. And since the property is available year-round, there is heating and air conditioning.

Outside you’ll find a fire pit and several chairs for you to enjoy.

Be sure to sign the guestbook

One of my favorite things about locally-owned properties is the personal touches the owners add to your stay. Like guestbooks. I love reading through previous guests’ experiences. (Particularly when the place is haunted, like the Fainting Goat Island Inn.) It’s through the guestbook that we learned about the rooster across the street. But luckily he didn’t wake us up too early.

Commonly asked questions

How much is a night at the covered wagon?

The default rate for the Wine Trail Covered Wagon is $175 per weeknight and $200 per weekend (Friday through Sunday nights). But the rates drop as low as $75 in the off-season.

How many people can it sleep?

While it’s the perfect getaway for a couple, the wagon technically sleeps up to 4 guests. In addition to the queen-sized bed, there is a futon that pulls out to sleep 2 more people.

Is Wine Trail Covered Wagon kid-friendly?

It sure is!

Is the Wine Trail Covered Wagon pet-friendly?

Yes! In fact, if you read through many of the journal entries in the guestbook, you’ll notice that many folks have visited with their pets. Both dogs and cats. The best part? There are NO pet fees.
It’s important to note that coyotes have been seen in the area, so be alert when taking your pets outside at night.

Can you see any of the Finger Lakes from the wagon?

Yes! Kind of. Not exactly from the wagon itself, but just walk down the driveway to the road, and you’ll get a great view of Keuka Lake. The morning view down the hill is the most magical in my opinion, as the fog rises off of the water.

Is the water drinkable?

No. The water at the covered wagon is provided by a tank. It is perfect for showering, but plan to bring your own water bottles for drinking. And for making coffee in the morning!

Activities around the Wine Trail Covered Wagon

Visit breweries, wineries, and distilleries

Penn Yan and the surrounding villages and towns in the Finger Lakes are known for their craft beverages. So be sure to visit some of them while you are in the area.

If you’re looking to do a series of breweries and wineries around Keuka Lake, consider the Crafts and Drafts Passport. A combination effort between Yates and Steuben counties, the digital passport gives you access to discounted tastings at 9 breweries and 2 distilleries in the area. You can purchase a 1-day, 3-day, 5-day, or an annual pass depending on how many stops you want to visit.

Go for a hike

It’s no secret that the Finger Lakes region is filled with beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and gorges for you to explore. Choose whichever one suits your fancy – you can’t go wrong.

Learn about the history of Yates County

Like all of Upstate New York, Penn Yan has some very interesting and unique history. The village actually celebrated its bicentennial last year, so there are over 200 years of stories to tell. Head over to the Yates County History Center and visit each of the 3 museums there to learn more.

Explore the Village of Penn Yan

Penn Yan has quickly become one of my favorite villages to visit in New York State. It’s charming. It has unique history. There are delicious places to eat. And plenty of activities to do! Here are a handful of things to do in Penn Yan during your visit.

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