The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing
Haunted History

Is the Sagamore Haunted? Visit Lake George to Decide for Yourself

The Sagamore Resort in Bolton Landing, New York is known for two things. First, it’s one of the most elegant and expensive hotels in the Adirondacks, with gorgeous views of Lake George. Second, it’s full of ghosts. With over one hundred years of history, it’s no surprise that the property has developed a reputation of odd occurrences. Sightings, unexplained noises, and more have been documented by both staff and guests over the years. So spend the night and decide for yourself. Is The Sagamore haunted?

The History of the Sagamore

The famous Sagamore Resort first opened in 1883, catering to society’s most elite members. Hotelier Myron Brown convinced millionaires from Philadelphia and New York City to help finance the project. And it was a success! Guests from across the country and across the world traveled to stay at the luxurious property.

Tragedy first struck a decade after opening. A fire ravaged through the resort, destroying it and all its grandeur. The owners wasted no time rebuilding the hotel. Adding in more modern amenities, the second Sagamore Resort opened in the summer of 1894. Private bathrooms, parlors, electric lights and new elevators made the resort even more luxurious than its predecessor.

All was well for another 20 years; when a second fire destroyed the second resort. This time they were not as fortunate and quick in rebuilding. The hotel operated on a much smaller scale until the third Sagamore Resort opened in 1930. The hotel flourished for many years. But eventually it started showing signs of its age until in closed in 1981.

In 1983, a century after the resort first opened, Norman Wolgin, also from Philadelphia, purchased the property to begin restorations. The Sagamore Resort that we know and love today is as glamorous as it has ever been. Featuring historic opulence and modern touches, The Sagamore is a spot where everyone should stay at least once.

The Ghosts of The Sagamore Resort

If you believe in spirits sticking around after they are gone, you will agree that The Sagamore is haunted. With nearly 140 years of history, including two major tragedies, it’s no surprise there might be some folks lurking the halls. Guests and staff members have reported numerous strange experiences at The Sagamore. Noises that are unexplained. Footsteps down an empty hallway. Voices when there is no one there. And visions of people dressed in historic clothing.

The Boy on the Golf Course

If you’re playing a round of golf during your visit to The Sagamore, keep an eye out for a little boy. Several golfers have reported seeing a young boy collecting stray golf balls throughout the property. Resort staff think that the boy was hit and killed by a car during the 1950s while chasing golf balls.

The Couple at the Elevators

Not many guests walk around the main lobby in the middle of the night. But if you do, you may see the infamous couple at the elevator. Both staff and guests have seen a couple, dressed in historic clothing, come out of the elevator in the wee hours of the morning. The golden doors open and rumors say the couple looks like they are attending an event at the resort as they disappear down a hallway.

The Woman in White

Seen wandering the hallways, inside guest rooms, and occasionally inside Mrs. Brown’s Restaurant is the woman in white. With long blonde hair and a flowy white dress, she is one of the most commonly seen ghosts at The Sagamore.

The Couple at the Restaurant

You can’t visit The Sagamore without enjoying a meal at one of the many restaurants. If you enjoy a meal at The Trillium, you may be in the company of a couple who regularly returns there for dinner. People have seen them walk down the stairs and take a seat in the restaurant. Other reports say that they start an argument, and the man pushes the woman to the ground.

The Woman in the Polka Dot Dress

Rumors say that the wing on the second floor is a good spot is you’re looking for unusual activity. That’s one of the places you might find a middle-aged woman in a blue polka dot dress roaming the halls.


A staff member tells the story of how he walked into an elevator and bumped into someone that wasn’t there. That was until a large man appeared out of nowhere. Now, he is seen regularly by staff members and has affectionately been named “Walter”.

So is The Sagamore haunted?

So is the Sagamore haunted? With so many reports of people seeing and hearing “spirits”, I think it’s safe to say it is.

Another interesting spot to check out, haunted or not, is the elevator near the spa. With mirrors on both sides of the elevator car, some people believe it serves as a portal to another dimension. Whether you believe that or not, it does feel particularly eerie.

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Nationally Recognized, Both for Amenities and Haunts

The Sagamore is the gem of the Adirondacks, but is know across the country. The resort has been featured on many top ten lists – both for the grandeur of the hotel and for its haunted history. USA Today has previously listed the resort as one of the top ten haunted hotels in the country. In 1983 the property was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Lastly, with so many amenities and a wealth of luxury, The Sagamore serves as a great event venue. Many couples choose the resort as their wedding and/or honeymoon location. The conference center has room for 800 people.

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