Tailwater Lodge Spa Amenities
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Tailwater Lodge & Spa in Upstate New York Offers Unique Amenities for Every Guest

Over the river and through the woods you’ll find one of the best hotel resorts along the Salmon River. Tailwater Lodge in Altmar, NY knows its audience and caters to it in every way possible. Fishermen, spa guests, families, and large groups can all find the services and amenities they desire at the hotel.

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting Tailwater is its beautiful lodge style. In a previous life, the building was home to the Altmar Elementary School. And while some elements of that history are evident throughout the hotel with the winding hallways, the design boasts rustic charm. Whoever designed the remodel of the resort found the perfect blend of rustic, artistic, and modern.

A Resort Catered to Fishermen

It’s no secret that the Altmar – Parish – Pulaski region of Oswego County is famous for salmon fishing. Hence the whole resort is themed after the sport. From the name and the logo to the decor and amenities, Tailwater Lodge showcases the rugged pastime in a classy and sophisticated way. Throughout the lobby and hallways of the resort, you’ll appreciate the nods to the popular sport.

Several elements of the hotel cater to the fishing crowd that visit throughout the year. Most notably, the property has 1,700 feet of waterfront along the Salmon River – including private access spots.

While roaming the hallways on my most recent visit to Tailwater, I discovered something I had never seen before. A wader shower. Located next to an exit door, the stone showers provide a place for fishermen to wash off their waders after a day out on the river.

Additionally, The Woodshed shop located at the resort stocks all the best outdoor gear and apparel that visitors might need for a day out on the river.

Tailwater Spa Services

The spa at Tailwater offers a variety of services, including massages, facials, and body scrubs. But here you can enjoy the extra amenities available only to spa guests. Upon arrival, you will receive a robe, a towel, and a pair of sandals before being led to the lockers. Take notice of the floor in the spa, which is reminiscent of the river rocks and fish found in the nearby Salmon River.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of having a wash cloth drenched in ice water and lavender oil put on your face, you’re truly missing out. These fragrant towels are absolutely wonderful, and are found inside the locker rooms. That’s also where you’ll find the sauna, showers, and toilets.

Spa guests also have access to the relaxation room and the outdoor hot tub. In the relaxation room, take advantage of the lounge chairs, infused water, and light snacks. Outside, the hot tub is located within a private patio, separate from the hot tub available to the rest of the hotel guests. Even in the winter, the hot tub is delightful, and a rack of fresh towels waits for you when you get out.

I must admit, having visited a few other local spas, I was thoroughly impressed with the customer service at Tailwater. Every staff member went above and beyond for our group, making sure we had the best experience possible.

Tailwater Hotel Amenities

Traditional guests staying at the also have a wide variety of amenities to enjoy at Tailwater. The onsite restaurant has comfort food to satisfy your appetite for every meal of the day. And the River Birch Bar provides an impressive selection of New York State craft beer, wine, and cocktails.

On the main floor of the hotel, there are several lounge areas and even a game room for guests to enjoy. Choose from shuffleboard, foosball, billiards, and board games to keep you entertained. In the summer, outdoor activities include bocce ball and a 9-hole disc golf course. Additionally, guests have access to the indoor swimming pool and outdoor hot tub all year long.

Tailwater Room Prices and Availability

Under the Hilton umbrella, Tailwater is a popular destination year-round. ATV riders in the summer, fisherman in the fall, and snowmobilers in the winter. As such, the prices fluctuate throughout the year, reflecting the popularity of the local activities. Generally prices rang from $130 to $200 per night. But during salmon fishing season in October, rooms sell out quickly and can cost over $500 each night.

Events at Tailwater

Tailwater Lodge prides itself on its beautiful event space. And having attended a wedding there for my husband’s cousin, I can attest to its appeal. With multiple, spacious rooms and access to lounge areas, it’s easily one of the best wedding venues in Oswego County. If you’re looking for a spacious, yet cozy place to hold an event with rustic charm, consider Tailwater.

Wedding at Tailwater Lodge

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