Travel Guides

Looking for all the information you need to visit a new country? Check out my travel guides for all of the countries I’ve visited. The travel guides include most of the following:

  • visa requirements
  • how to get there
  • how to get around
  • local language and basic phrases
  • best food to try
  • do’s and don’ts in public
  • where to stay
  • … and more!

North America

Canada – coming soon!

Mexico – coming soon!

United States – coming soon!

Central & South America

Belize – coming soon!

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro


Honduras – coming soon!


Australia – coming soon!

New Caledonia – coming soon!

Vanuatu – coming soon!


Czech Republic – coming soon!

England – coming soon!

France – coming soon!

Germany – coming soon!

Iceland – coming soon!


Japan - Shinjuku Station


Kuwait Travel Guide - Kuwait Towers


View from the Burj Khalifa Dubai

United Arab Emirates

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