Wanderlust To Go - Travel-Themed Subscription Box

Wanderlust To Go: A Travel-Themed Subscription Box

Hey you! Yes – you! Are you looking for a treat in your mailbox every month to fuel your wanderlust? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Wanderlust on a Budget is launching you Wanderlust To Go, a travel-themed subscription box bringing you the best in travel gear and accessories.

So… what is it?

Wanderlust To Go is a travel-themed subscription box, containing items to help you prepare for your next trip. That includes travel journals, water bottles, luggage tags, cellphone power packs, toiletry cases, and more! Plus each month you’ll find a travel-sized cosmetic (perfect for carry-on luggage), a travel-friendly snack, and a cute travel sticker! Use the stickers to decorate your journal, water bottle, or laptop while you explore!

Dani at the beach

What makes it different?

All of the products are sourced from companies within the United States. I believe in supporting local and small businesses as much as possible, and that’s what you’ll find in your packs!

Also, instead of getting yet another cardboard box in the mail, Wanderlust To Go will be shipped in colorful & recyclable bubble mailers! That way your pack arrives in a unique waterproof package.

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Why start a subscription box?

For the past two years I’ve loved writing about my adventures and providing you with travel advice on the blog. I wanted to find another way to connect with you, my readers, and to help you find products to make your future trips easier and more fun! Plus, as I mentioned before, I wanted to find another way to support local businesses.

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I’m hooked, how do I order?

In case you haven’t heard, starting a business isn’t cheap, and it isn’t easy! That’s why I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign in July. Throughout the month of July, you’ll be able to help back the project (and get your friends to do the same!). After a successful campaign (fingers crossed!), boxes will start shipping in September.

I can’t wait to share this next adventure with you all. If you want to stay tuned with updates on the project, be sure to follow along on Facebook and sign up for my weekly newsletter below!


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