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Jinkies! Check Out these Houses with the Best Halloween Decorations in Syracuse

It’s no secret that I absolutely love Halloween, and all things spooky and creepy. Horror movies, elaborate costumes, haunted places… I love it all. So just like I do for Christmas lights, I’ve spent the week driving around Syracuse looking for the houses with the best Halloween decorations in Syracuse and surrounding neighborhoods. These folks included gruesome monsters, giant cobwebs, fog machines, 12-foot skeletons, horror movie villains, spooky music, and more in their designs. Which houses are your favorites?

(Also – if I missed any you think should be on the list, please send me photos and/or the address!)

Scroll to the bottom of the article to find a map of all the Halloween decorations.
Then don’t forget to check out all the places I’ve visited along the Haunted History Trail.

Raven Haven

7475 Thunderbird Rd, LIVERPOOL

Not only does Raven Haven have some of the absolute best Halloween decorations in Syracuse, they also have their own haunted house! Even better? It’s FREE! Although donations are accepted. In addition to the decorations and haunts, they have a tarot card reader and snake tamer roaming the grounds. Go check it out!

Christmas Houses Decorate for Halloween

106 Legion Drive, NORTH SYRACUSE

The Mansour family has quickly become one of my favorite decorators during the Christmas season. But now they have outdone themselves for Halloween too! Their decorations include TWO 12-foot skeletons.

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Halloween Decorations - 106 Legion

104 Bramley Drive, CAMILLUS

Created by: Camillus Light Show
Hours: Nightly from 4:30 – 9 pm through January 1st.
Radio Station: 89.7 FM

While the Camillus Light Show did not happen last year, they are back and better than ever! The shows started 7 years ago and happen for both Halloween and Christmas. The lights are synced to the music with a set list of 9 different songs.

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7911 Rinaldo Boulevard N, BRIDGEPORT

Teenage Nicholas Burlarley has added a Halloween display to his repertoire. Expanding on his love for coding, Nicholas has given himself the challenge to decorate for this holiday as well. As usual, he has raised all the money himself and executed his concept.

The show runs nightly, Sunday – Thursday 6:15 – 9:30 pm and Friday – Saturday 6:15 – 10:30 pm. Listen to 90.7 FM to sync the music with the lights!

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Love Halloween? You have to visit all of the haunted houses in Syracuse!

3122 Corlear Drive, BALDWINSVILLE

This house first became popular last year for Christmas when the owner’s brother came to brighten up the neighborhood. Now, they have put up their Halloween decorations.

He originally decorated at his own house, but brought it to his sister’s house to make it even bigger this year. The display took 6 weeks to put together, and even faced some damage in November due to inclement weather. Nonetheless, the house looks fantastic! His favorite decoration is the giant start above the front door, as it is a symbol for hope and that life will get better.

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More Houses with Incredible Halloween Decorations

Did you know there is a Facebook group dedicated to the famous 12-foot skeleton?

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