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Everything You Need to Know about the Beak & Skiff Summer Concert Series

Barbecues. Beach days. Camping trips. Driving with the windows down. Outdoor concerts. Summer days are full of the best activities. Luckily, there are some incredible outdoor concert venues in Syracuse and Central New York. One of the best? The Beak & Skiff Summer Concert Series. Located at the #1 apple orchard in the United States, you can’t beat the venue. Since the series kicked off last week, I’m here to help answer all of the questions you have about going to a concert at Beak & Skiff.

1911 Established Building

About Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards

The famous apple orchards were established in 1911 by Andrew Beak and George Skiff. The dairy farmer and onion farmer came together to create Beak & Skiff Apple Orchards. It is now considered the best apple orchard in the entire country. And while the business has expanded greatly over the years, it has remained in the same family. Currently, the fifth-generation is managing the operations at the orchards and distillery.

Now, Beak & Skiff is known for more than just apples. Other brands under the B&S umbrella include 1911 Established and Beak & Skiff Research. Named after the year the orchards began, 1911 Established uses fresh apples from the orchards to create hard cider, spirits, and wine. Recently, the Research branch of the business has delved into the world of CBD products. The team has also applied for marijuana licensing since the herb was legalized in New York State.

And while Autumn is the heyday of the orchards, the family business continues to expand into more ventures. Like the Summer Concert Series, for example. It’s a prime way for the orchards to be loved beyond apple season. And a chance for visitors to enjoy the tasting room, country store, and café throughout the summer.

About the Beak & Skiff Summer Concert Series

Since it began, the Summer Concert Series has gotten bigger and better every year. For the 2022 season, there are 18 concerts in the line-up, which include some pretty big names. This summer started out strong with performances by Sylvan Esso, Lake Street Dive, Primus, and The Head and The Heart. Future shows include Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Dashboard Confessional, Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats, and many more.

If you’ve never been to a concert at Beak & Skiff before, you probably have a lot of questions about venue logistics. No worries! Following my experiences seeing Lake Street Dive, I’ve got you covered.

What time can you get into the venue?

On concert days, Beak & skiff is closed to the public. The campus opens to ticketholders at 3pm. While you wait for the show to start, you can visit the country store, grab a bite at the café, or enjoy some drinks in the tasting room.

Do you have to pay for parking?

Have to? No. Parking is completely free and readily available. And the earlier you get there, the closer you’ll be able to park to the exit.

But, you can choose to pay for for VIP parking, so no matter when you arrive you are guaranteed a good spot.

What CAN you bring to a concert at Beak & Skiff?

If you’d prefer to sit during the concert, you can bring your own chairs and blankets/towels. If you do, you’ll need to sit in the back half of the lawn (behind the gravel road). But if it’s more your style to stand up and get your groove on, move up close to the stage.

Pro tip: You can bring an empty water bottle. On those hot summer days, it’s important to stay hydrated. But you don’t have to pay for your water. Bring an empty bottle with you and you can refill it for free at the hydration station near the entrance.

What CAN’T you bring to a concert at Beak & Skiff?

Sorry, but you have to leave your four-legged best friend at home. Unless he/she is a certified service animal, of course.

No tailgating is allowed and neither are outside food or drinks. Don’t worry, there are lots of food and drinks available at the venue.

Yes, everyone has a smartphone. But no cameras or video recoding equipment is allowed.

Is there food at Beak & Skiff?

Yes! The café is open for concert-goers. Choose from a variety of entrees, with or without sides. Hamburger, salad, pulled pork sandwich, mac and cheese, coleslaw, salt potatoes… whatever your heart desires.

Head over to the country store and you’ll find a few more options. Cider donuts, fresh cheese, popcorn, and chocolates all make perfect concert snacks.

What drinks are available at Beak & Skiff?

It’s no surprise that all of the drink options are from 1911. In both the tasting room and the food & drink tent, you can choose from a variety of their drinks. Hard cider, fresh cocktails, canned cocktails, and wine.

  • Please note that you cannot purchase drinks from the store to bring into the concert venue. You can only drink beverages purchased from the bar and drink tent on site.

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