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Channel Your Inner Gilmore Girl and Try These Coffee Flights in Syracuse

Food and drink flights have become more popular than ever lately. Yes, beer flights and wine flights have been around for ages, but restaurants are getting super creative now. Cheese flights. Butter flights. Mimosa flights. Sliders – which are really just burger flights. But the latest craze? Coffee flights! That’s right, a few restaurants in Central New York have jumped on this trend. It’s the perfect caffeine fix when you can’t decide which flavor to order – so try four! Check out these coffee flights in Syracuse and treat yourself.

What’s a coffee flight?

Good question! A flight is a set of smaller portions of a food or drink. Sometimes the sets are pre-determined, and other times you can choose which flavors or varieties you want to sample. It’s the best invention for indecisive people (like me!). With a flight, you can choose 3-4 different options so you can try them all. That way you know what you like best for next time… or you just order a flight of new flavors!

A coffee flight is exactly what it sounds like: a tray of mini cups of coffee with different flavors. That could mean different roasts, different flavors, or even different alcohol shots for a boozy treat.

“I can’t stop drinking the coffee, I stop drinking coffee, I stop doing the standing, and the walking, and the words-putting-into-sentences doing.”

— Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Coffee Flights at Rise N Shine

Rise N Shine has become a Syracuse favorite for its instagrammable food and drinks, creative dishes, and overall awesome vibe. So it’s no surprise that they have jumped on the coffee flight trend! At Rise N Shine, you can choose from 9 different liquors to add to your coffee. Choices range from salted caramel or chocolate to Kahlua or Amaretto. Yum!

The spiked coffee flights come served in tiny mason jars on a wooden board covered in coffee beans. Definitely photo friendly as well as delicious! The coffee options are served black with just the alcohol added, plus a few latte styles as well. Remember to ask for cream if that’s how you prefer it.

Flights are available all day, every day. And just like Rise N Shine has gotten famous for, be on the lookout for seasonal and holiday specials on their coffee flights. For example, they recently offered an iced cereal milk latte flight. Yum!

Coffee Flights at Salt City Coffee

When Salt City Market opened earlier this year, Salt City Coffee opened up a new location there. And it’s incredible! They’ve expanded their coffee choices with the addition of a cocktail bar and special menu items only available downtown. The café offers their own take on a coffee flight, this one featuring only cold brew.

Salt City’s coffee flight has three different styles of cold brew, each paired with a small treat. Start with the house cold brew, a perfectly smooth drink. It’s paired with a piece of dark chocolate to pull out its sweetness. Second is the nitro cold brew, even smoother than the first. The nitro is paired with a lemon cookie to pull out the brightness. Lastly, enjoy the Valencia cold brew – my favorite! The Valencia is made by mixing together Salt City’s horchata with the cold brew to create a delicious sweet drink with a hint of cinnamon. It’s paired with a teddy graham for pure perfection.

Coffee flights are only available at the Salt City Market location, and only until 6pm. So start your day off right or treat yourself to the perfect pick-me-up after work!

What will you get in your coffee flight?

Have you had a chance to try these coffee flights in Syracuse yet? Or have you had one somewhere else? Tell me about it in the comments!

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