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What Is Perlu? The Best Network for Influencers

Last updated on August 15, 2019.

You’re probably wondering where I’ve been these past few weeks. No, I haven’t been off on some wild adventure – I wish… I changed jobs! In one of the hardest decisions I ever made, I left my job at my local university working with international students to join Perlu. I am SO excited to be a part of the Perlu team now because it lets me help other bloggers and influencers collaborate with brands. Curious how that works? Read on.

So… What’s Perlu?

In simplest terms, Perlu is an influencer networking platform. Basically, both influencers (bloggers, vloggers, creatives, etc.) and brands can join the platform to find opportunities to work together. The company was started as a project of Terakeet, an international digital marketing firm. So they know their stuff! 

Nicolas Ierino

Are you a Spanish speaker?
Nicolas Ierino from Vida de Viajes wrote all about Perlu in Spanish!


Every user can connect their social media accounts and website(s) to show the Perlu world who they are. Once that’s loaded, you can see anyone’s social accounts and SV (search visibility/DA) right on their profile. You can also get an idea of how active they are on their platforms. One of the huge benefits of Perlu is that you can find the quality influencers among the “bot” accounts. You can’t fake engagement!

Perlu Dashboard


Once you’ve completed your profile, then you join Packs to find other influencers and brands with similar interests to yours. They can be as broad as travel, or as specific as ‘female vegan travel bloggers in the US’. That’s up to the users! You can find the Packs by clicking “Explore” in the top menu. If you can’t find a Pack for exactly what you’re looking for, you can create your own. You can choose if your Pack is public or private, and if members need to request permission to join. Keep in mind that you’ll need to add at least five members to your pack if it’s public in order to be found on the Explore page.Packs are beneficial because they build networks of people with similar interests – this eventually makes it easier for brands to find quality, connected influencers to work with.

Perlu Packs


Once you’re in Packs, you’ll have access to any Collabs (projects) that are currently going on in that Pack. Collabs can be influencer to influencer – sharing content, co-authoring articles, asking questions, etc. or brand to influencer – review my product, become an affiliate, promote my product, etc. with compensation ranging from free products to cash. Whoever creates a Collab can set the parameters for the partners by defining any limits they have on DA, follower size, etc. This lets you work with higher quality partners without sifting through those who aren’t as engaged.

Perlu Collabs

You know what else is great? Once you build your network on Perlu, you won’t have to manage all of your projects in several different places! For example, right now I am working on collaborations in two different Facebook groups in addition to the ones on Perlu. No thank you! It’s a pain to keep track! Also, it’s super easy to see where you are in each step of each Collab and what you have to do next. This includes payments if necessary! You can easily connect a Stripe account to receive payments through the platform.

So… What makes Perlu different?

Yes, I know there are lots of influencer networking platforms out there. The influencer market is booming! But the problem with most of them is that influencers join and then just sit back and wait. They can attempt to apply for a brand, but there isn’t enough information to determine if the relationship would be valuable to both parties. Perlu fixes that. 

How? Well, Perlu members have to earn their ‘street cred’! That means that the more a person engages on the platform, the better presence that they will have. You can easily see how well-networked a member is by viewing their profile. Also, both brands and influencers have the same capabilities on the site. There are no secret privileges that one has over the other. 

What are you waiting for?

If you’re looking for other bloggers, vloggers, and creatives to network with, get your butt over to Perlu and become a member. There are more brands joining every day, so there are lots of opportunities to work with old favorites and new! Oh, and did I mention that it’s all free?!


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