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Where to Eat in Burlington, Vermont for the Ultimate Foodie Weekend

Burlington, Vermont is one of my favorite places I’ve been to. It’s charming. Incredibly beautiful. And full of the most amazing food! I spent a girls’ weekend with some of my favorite travel buddies and I swear we ate the entire time. And I wouldn’t change it for a moment. With so many great choices of where to eat in Burlington, I’m here to help guide you so you too can have the ultimate foodie weekend in Vermont.

One of the best things about food in Vermont is that so much of it is locally sourced. Beer is brewed with hops grown in Vermont fields. Ice cream is made with milk from Vermont cows. Honey is fresh from the hive and syrup is tapped right from the local maple trees. As a whole, Vermont is one of the most sustainable, “green-friendly” places to eat and drink. Enjoy!

Important note: Due to the current pandemic in the United States, many of these places are currently closed for visitors, but remain open for online orders and curbside pick-up. Plus, you’ll be salivating as you plan your future trip to Burlington!


Monarch & the Milkweed

If you’re looking for a charming spot in downtown Burlington, you cannot beat Monarch & the Milkweed. The name alone is beautiful – inspired by the important relationship that monarch butterflies have with milkweed plants. The restaurant features comfort food with French and American flairs.

I had the most delicious cappuccino paired with miniature waffles topped with a berry compote. Warm, comforting, delicious.

The restaurant is also home to Milkweed, homemade, creatively-flavored truffles infused with CBD.


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

If you own a Keurig, chances are you’ve had Green Mountain Coffee. There is a long-standing relationship between the companies and Green Mountain is one of the biggest producers of k-cups. Their coffee is sourced from around the world, so they feature blends from various regions. But my favorite? The specialty flavors and seasonal blends! Cinnamon Sugar Cookie remains one of my favorite flavors to this day.

One of the things I love about Green Mountain is their mission to ethically sourcing their coffee beans and supporting the farms and communities they come from around the world. The company works hard to plant trees, give fair prices to coffee harvesters, provide clean drinking water, and fight climate change. How could you not support a company like that?

Green Mountain Coffee in Burlington Vermont

Visitor Center

The Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center is located in historic Waterbury train station, and the atmosphere is a big part of its charm. Inside, you can order yourself a drink from the café, then enjoy it while you browse the shelves for coffee beans and grounds to take home. There is also a carousel of all the available k-cup pods, so you can fill your own box of different flavors to take home!

Be sure to check what the special drink of the day is – I had the pleasure of tasting the Maple Cinnamon Breve, made with fresh, local Vermont maple syrup. It was divine!


What more do you need for lunch than cheese and an adult beverage to go with it? Luckily, these two options are right next to each other. And you won’t need a big lunch as you eat you way through the day before choosing where to eat in Burlington for dinner.

Cabot Cheese

If there is only one thing I could remember from my foodie weekend in Vermont, it would be cheese, cheese, and more cheese! Cheese curds from the shop along the highway to eat in the car. More cheese on my hamburger. Even cheese on my wood-fired pizza. And an enormous amount of cheese samples at Cabot!

The Cabot Farmer’s Store in Waterbury is a cheese-lover’s paradise! Those with lactose intolerance – this is not the place for you, but you may enjoy some of the other snacks available at the shop. When it comes to making cheese, Cabot sure knows what the heck they are doing. You may notice their bricks of cheese in your local grocery store, but when you visit their store in Vermont- well it’s an endless selection of dairy goodness. Even better? Their samples are FREE! And don’t worry – they sell insulated bags so you can keep your cheese cold after you buy a mountain of bricks to take home.

Smuggler’s Notch Distillery

Located next door to Cabot is one of the tasting rooms for Smuggler’s Notch Distillery. A creation of father-son duo Ron and Jeremy Elliott in 2010, Smuggler’s Notch has quite a collection of award winning spirits. Visit the tasting room and try some for yourself. The hardest part will be choosing between the gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, or bourbon!


Artisan Flatbread

No trip to Burlington is complete without a stroll through downtown. It’s so charming and there a plenty of places to shop before you choose where to eat in Burlington. Our choice? Artisan Flatbread. And a fantastic choice it was!

The history of American Flatbread goes back to the first night when the owner built a stone fireplace to cook a pizza. Over thirty years later, there are now three different locations, each serving some of their delicious pizza. The menu at Burlington Hearth has a wide selection of flavorful flatbreads, topped with fresh, local ingredients. Yum!

American Flatbread Pizza


Ben & Jerry’s

Quite possibly the most famous spot in Burlington, Vermont, Ben & Jerry’s is not to be missed! While you’re visiting, be sure to do the factory tour to learn all about the history of the company and how they create their unique flavors of ice cream.

“Peace, love, and ice cream.” The tour starts with a video about the philanthropic character of creators Ben & Jerry. Put that together with their incredible flavors – chock full of goodies – and it remains one of the companies I’m proudest to support.

At the end of the tour you’ll be able to sample the flavor of the day before exploring all the goodies in the gift shop. Don’t forget to wander out behind the factory to see the flavor graveyard. There are markers to honor the flavors that are no longer in production – such a unique little spot!

Lake Champlain Chocolates

“Will travel for chocolate.” The quote on the shirt for sale at Lake Champlain Chocolates knew me all too well! Another great spot to sample the local goodies, Lake Champlain is located near Cabot and Smuggler’s Notch. Make sure to visit all three! The chocolate shop has been creating exquisite chocolate for over thirty years- it’s the perfect gift to bring home from your trip. Treat yourself to some truffles, fudge, or even ice cream.


For my husband and I, Vermont has become synonymous with three things. Outstanding scenery. Fresh, delectable food. And amazing craft beer. Honestly, the craft beer scene in Vermont is among the best in the country. You’d be missing out if your trip to Burlington did not include at least a few breweries. And if you don’t like beer? No problem! Most of them offer incredible food and gorgeous views of Vermont’s natural beauty too. You can’t go wrong!

Alchemist Brewery

Perhaps the most famous of the Vermont breweries, Alchemist produces both Heady Topper and Focal Banger, two beers that are often in high demand and difficult to get outside of Vermont. (Yes, I did do a beer run for the hubby and his friends when I was there!)

Because of its popularity, Alchemist has strict rules about how much beer you are allowed to purchase to go, and the tasting room is very crowded. Be sure to plan accordingly. And always drink fresh!

Burlington Beer Company

Burlington Beer Company is a great spot for a Friday night dinner and drinks with friends. Though the menu is small, it certainly packs a punch with its flavorful dishes. The beer? Well, the beer list is one of the longest I’ve seen – with some of the craziest names and flavors! It’s pretty awesome. Will you choose “Alien Hymns & Stoner Tales”, “Raspberry Whale Cake”, or “It’s Complicated Being a Wizard”, or “Directions to See a Ghost”?

The brewery started in 2014 and has a strong focus on pale ales and IPAs, though that doesn’t stop them from brewing every other variety as well! They are proud to say that they can over 75 different beers each year.

Plus, I’m a huge fan of the modern artwork on their cans, clothing, and glassware. In fact, I’m still a little bummed I didn’t get some glassware to take home with me!

Foam Brewers

The view from Foam Brewers is one of the best in all of Burlington, as it looks out over Lake Champlain. So grab your glass of beer and take it all in. Their beer list also features a high percentage of IPAs, and their cans each feature art from different artists. If you’re hungry, grab yourself a charcuterie board, or see if there’s a food truck on site.

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