Museum of Intrigue Rose Room

Why Museum of Intrigue is the Most Unique Night Out in Syracuse

We’ve all been there. Hanging out with a group of friends, trying to figure out what the heck to do tonight. You’ve exhausted all your usual options and you just want something different and fun to do. Well, fret no longer. Museum of Intrigue is one of the best and most unique activities to do in Syracuse. The escape room-style experiences are so creative and interactive, you’ll keep coming back for more. So grab your best friends and book a date at Museum of Intrigue tonight!

About Museum of Intrigue

The ‘museum’ officially opened in September 2017, on the third floor of Destiny USA. But the owners were no strangers to unique entertainment in Syracuse! The managing company, Escape the Estate LLC, also manages Frightmare Farms. Led by Nicole Devaul Ginsburg, the team of creative minds is always coming up with new and exciting business ventures – both in Central New York and across the country. Other events they’ve held include Escape the Estate and Containment, both at Shoppingtown Mall.

This year the team founded Intrigue & Co, the overarching brand for their businesses. Each branch of the business is a unique, creative, and interactive experience – which explains why they’ve done so well. Intrigue & Co has expanded to other states across the US, with plans in the works for several more.

Not Your Average Escape Room

Escape rooms started becoming popular within the past ten years. And rightfully so. It’s fun to grab a group of friends and solve puzzles together toward a common goal. Since the levels of creativity and difficulty vary among escape rooms, some are definitely better than others. But Museum of Intrigue takes the cake. By far.

Why? This isn’t your ordinary white-walled room with some paper puzzles and a locked door. No, Museum of Intrigue is interactive, well thought-out, and incredibly original. The museum features various themed rooms, each decorated to make you feel as if you are in a different place. And while each event has its own ‘home base’, guests will need to visit every area of the museum in order to solve their puzzles and complete the challenges.

The team that creates each of the experiences puts a great deal of time into crafting the best adventures for their guests. And it’s clear to see that they do just that. Plus, the regular stories don’t have a set time limit, so you don’t feel pressured to solve the puzzles faster than you’re able. The staff will also offer clues if needed – just let them know if you get stuck!

Events at Museum of Intrigue

In addition to the regular themed escape rooms at Museum of Intrigue, they are always coming up with new ideas for special events to hold. It’s one of the reasons people love the museum so much! Plus, every single experience at MOI is unique. The actors change up their characters, props move around, and puzzles change. No two visits are ever the same. That’s why I keep returning for each new event they hold – and I’m not alone.

The Haunt

Earlier this year, Museum of Intrigue introduced The Haunt. During the 60-minute event, you will join 11 others on a hunt to banish an unknown entity. Throughout the hour, the entity makes their way around the museum trying to “afflict” or “kill” the guests.

You will work together using paranormal investigation props and clues to first determine what type of entity you are dealing with, and then how to banish them. There is a guidebook of over two dozen different monsters. Use the guidebook to determine if the monster is attracted to light and/or sound, or makes specific movements throughout the building. Then, search for clues to help you get rid of them.

To be brutally honest, I was actually scared throughout various points of the night as I tried to hide so the zombie we faced didn’t catch me. But it was such a fun and unique experience! Plus, every night the haunt is different. Different actors, different entities, different costumes and behaviors… So no two experiences are the same. The night we went, our group figured out that our entity was a zombie and were successful in banishing him by the end of the hour.

The Haunt currently runs approximately every month, and can also be booked as a private experience.

Magnum Opus

The newest experience at Museum of Intrigue is a special one. A group of guests were invited to the first iteration of Magnum Opus back in October, but we weren’t quite sure what to expect! Turns out, we were in for a night of performances, special challenges, and interrogations in order to vote on the next leader of the society.

Upon entering the museum, we were each given a card. “You have been invited to a meeting of the great Society, a selection of individuals like yourselves that have great Wisdom, Experience, and Knowledge in the secrets to life, love, wealth, happiness, and meaning. They call this the Art.”

But the schedule of events for the night were still uncertain. We began in the new Rose Room, a bar area in the back of the museum, where we enjoyed drinks and snacks as we mingled with the other guests.

The Tolling of the Bells

Throughout the night, we were instructed to visit various locations of our choosing to learn more about the 5 trustees. Each time the bells tolled, it was time to move to a new performance. It was our task to learn about each of the trustees, solve challenges they presented, and then elect one as leader at the end of the night.

For each challenge you completed, you were given a coin. The coins would be your votes at the end of the night, split up as you desired among the trustees. Some of the challenges were straight-forward, with directions clearly written on a card. Others were more mysterious in nature. But the best part was figuring it all out while the night went on, and working together with other visitors we had just met.

“I love Magnum Opus because its stories, activities, and puzzles range from playing and pure experimentation to moments of serious introspection. The perspectives and experiences I gain from this event both on my own and from other guests are valuable to me, so I will always return for more!”

Halle Bristol, regular visitor to Museum of Intrigue

The next round of Magnum Opus is happening this Sunday, November 21st. The 2.5-hour experience costs $45, and tickets can be bought online.

Visiting Museum of Intrigue

Special events at Museum of Intrigue must be reserved online in advance. As for the regular escape rooms, you can choose to book them online in advance, or take your chance walking in to see what stories are currently available.

And while you can most definitely do any of the experiences by yourself (either solo or added in with a group of strangers during an event), it’s most fun when you book with some friends for the night!

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