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Experience a Virtual Reality Dinner in Syracuse for Your Next Night Out

Everyone’s always looking for something new and different to try on their next night out. Dinner and a movie for date night gets old. A night out with your friends is always the same drinks at a local watering hole. So it’s time to try some new and mind-blowing! Quantum Virtual Entertainment has brought an incredible new experience to the area. So for your next night out, go to a virtual reality dinner in Syracuse.

A huge thank you to Ryan at Quantum Virtual Entertainment for inviting us to a virtual dinner at The Spot 625.

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What is a Virtual Reality Dinner?

Have you ever wanted to eat a gourmet dinner in outer space? How about in the forest amid snow covered trees? Or on the beach with your toes in the sand and the waves crashing on your feet?

Well most of these situations are not practical – some impossible. But with advances in technology, you can experience these places virtually. How cool is that? Quantum’s first virtual reality show is called Sognatore (The Dreamer). It follows the adventures of Luigi and Pasquale, two imaginary characters, as they make their way around the world and outer space. The show is voiced by Lou Greco and Carlo Russo, comedians from The Uncle Louie Variety Show.

Every element of the story is incredible. Using projection mapping technology, the white walls and table transform into far-off places, both real and animated. You’ll be surrounded by imagery, making you feel like you really are atop a snowy mountain or in the middle of a thunderstorm. Huge props go to Ryan and his team for creating such an incredible experience!

How to Make a Reservation

Virtual dinners at The Spot 625 are currently offered on Friday and Saturday evenings; reservations are required. The current show is $59, which includes salad, an appetizer, your entrée, dessert, and a champagne toast. The dinner portions are very generous and the three different entrées we tried were delicious!

After you make your reservation, you’ll receive an email asking you to choose your entrée ahead of time. This helps make the dining experience seamless, as the waitstaff will bring out your dish right at the appropriate time. Current menu options include a variety of high end options, for both carnivores and vegetarians alike. (PS the edamame potstickers we had for an appetizer were absolutely incredible!)

What to Expect at Quantum’s Virtual Reality Dinner

When you get to the restaurant 15 minutes before your reservation, grab a seat at the bar while you wait. If you open a tab at the bar, you can carry it into the virtual reality room with you (drinks are not included in the ticket price). Once it’s time, Ryan will invite you to take a seat in the room.

Just like the Wizard of Oz, the magic is behind the curtain! A long white table sits in the middle of a small, white-walled room with 10 chairs around it. This means that if you didn’t come with a group of ten, you’ll be seated with others who booked the experience. Luckily, this is a great chance to make some new friends! (Shoutout to Tim, Elaina, Demetri, and Amber who we quickly jived with during our dinner.)

The experience is intimate, making it that much more special. Make sure not to move your plate, as the placement of the dish will come into play throughout the show. When it’s time to begin, a countdown will appear on your plate indicating the show is about to start. At which point you will be in complete awe. While you should remain seated, you’re welcome to look all around you and take photos or videos to remember the experience.

Throughout the show, there will be pauses for appetizers and entrees. The waitstaff is also incredibly and highly attentive. Nicole was our waitress, and she was such a joy. I especially loved hearing that her favorite part is watching people’s reactions to the show and seeing friendships develop through the conversations after dinner.

About Quantum Virtual Entertainment & The Spot 625

The Spot 625 Bar

Quantum Virtual Entertainment is the brainchild of creative entrepreneur Ryan Lynch. Several years ago on a trip to Paris, Ryan and his wife experienced a virtual reality dinner in a small restaurant. He fell in love with the immersive experience and felt like he could bring that to Syracuse. When an opportunity came up to partner with Greg Nies, he jumped at the chance.

Local residents may recognize the location of The Spot 625 as the former home of 2nd North Deli. Greg purchased the property – and some of their famous recipes – with his business partner Brian Fitzgibbons. After gutting the deli and rebuilding the space as a modern bar, The Spot 625 opened in spring of 2021. Their menu still features some of the deli’s favorite sandwiches like The Fitzy and the London Broil. But they also have a full bar and a variety of entrees to please any palate.

The Future of Quantum’s Virtual Reality Dinners

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Ryan has big plans for what’s in store with his virtual reality dinners. He plans to change the show every few months, adding in additional interactive elements. Imagine a dinner on the beach with the smell of salt water and the feel of wind through your hair. All within a small restaurant in Syracuse, NY.

First up? An immersive wine tasting experience. Ryan currently has crews filming in the Finger Lakes and Sonoma. His plan? To provide premium wine flights for customers to enjoy while virtually sitting within the vineyards of New York and California. A sommelier will attend to provide expert guidance through the tastings.

Looking for something to do after your virtual reality dinner in Syracuse? Check out these local breweries in Central New York.


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