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The Ultimate Traveler Gift Guide

Last updated on December 10, 2019.

Do you have friends or family members who are more often on-the-go than at home? If so, it might be hard to know what to get them when their birthdays or holidays arrive. Well you’re in luck. This traveler gift guide is sure to be a life-saver for the wanderlusters in your life. Whether you’re looking for a stocking stuffer, unique birthday gift, or something last minute, these gifts are sure to please any traveler.

Originally published November 22, 2017. Most recently updated December 10, 2019.

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Travel Gifts for your Home & Office

Travel-Themed Desk Calendar

Sometimes we have to be practical. We can’t spend all of our time traveling (unless you are super lucky!), so most of it is spent working at our day jobs to earn the money to travel. So when that lucky person on your list is stuck in the office instead of the airport, get them a calendar to fuel their wanderlust and grow their bucket lists.

Scratch-off World Map

It may be cliché, but scratch-off maps are one of my favorite things. And in my opinion, Landmass makes the best ones. From the gorgeous watercolors when you scratch them, to the country flags on the bottom, it’s beautiful. Plus, buy the world map and get a US map too!

Scratch-off USA Map

Does your traveler stay mostly in the USA? Then a world map won’t be relevant. Check out this US scratch-off map instead.

Travel Books

Everyone can use a little travel inspiration – at home or abroad. There are plenty of books about travel out there. Travel guides, stories, advice books, biographies, language tips… Any of them are great choices for the traveler on your list! Like this solo female travel book by fellow blogger Jen Ruiz.

Travel Decor

When you’re not traveling, you can still fill your house with travel goodies! In addition to souvenirs, there are lots of great travel-themed decorations you can put around your home. (My house is full of them!)


Durable Luggage

If your traveler is always on the go, chances are they need new luggage. With several international trips in one year, the luggage I got as a gift last Christmas is already in rough shape! The airlines sure do a number on them. From going between cars, security, airplanes, Ubers, busses, trains, rolling down the street… luggage gets a beating. Treat your traveler – or yourself! – too some new luggage.

Packing Cubes

This one is super popular in the travel community. Fellow travelers swear by them! And I’ve got to agree. Packing cubes are a great way to keep your things organized within your luggage.

Luggage Bands

It’s no secret that the most common luggage pieces are solid black. Personally, I have purple and hot pink luggage so it stands out on the baggage carousel, but luggage bands are another great solution. If you put a luggage band around your suitcase, you’ll not only be able to pick it out easily at the airport, but it’ll help keep your things inside in case the zipper fails. (This happened to a friend of mine when she borrowed my luggage to go to Europe… not fun.) These luggage bands are cute – plus they come in a variety of designs and can be purchased together with matching tags.

Messenger Bag

A must for any traveler’s wishlist! I know that I always feel more comfortable when traveling if I have a cross-body messenger bag. It’s more secure, holds just the right amount of stuff, and keeps your hands free! This one from Travelon has extra security with a locking zipper, RFID blocking technology, and interior pockets – plus side mesh pockets.

Luggage Tags

This is an obvious one. Everyone needs luggage tags for the unfortunate chance that you misplace or lose your luggage. Remember, every piece of luggage you have should have its own luggage tag – including carry-ons! When my husband and I got married, we had a travel-themed wedding and these luggage tags were our favors. Our guests LOVED them and are always happy to report where the tags have traveled around the world!

Travel Pillow

Let’s be honest – traveling, especially for long distances, is not comfortable. It’s not natural to sleeping upright on a plane, bus, train, car… especially with other people around. The best thing you can ask for is a travel pillow to help you sleep. And this one twists and bends to any shape to help you get as comfy as possible!

Travel Gifts for Organization

Passport Wallet

Yes, yes, it’s a common thought. But this travel wallet is pretty awesome, and less than twenty bucks. It has a pocket for your passport, so it’s easy to slide out, a wing pocket to hold your tickets and boarding passes, and a few slots for your cards. All with RFID protection and available in tons of different colors. I know what’s on my list…

Travel Journal

When you travel, you have so many amazing experiences. Yes, many of them will stick with you and you’ll never forget them. But there will be so many moments to cherish. I am so grateful that I kept a daily journal when I lived abroad so I can look back on all of those memories. The good, the bad, the life-changing. Document those moments. You can find lots of great options for travel journals to get for gifts.

Scarf with Hidden Pocket

One of my favorite travel gifts I’ve received? An infinity scarf with a hidden zippered pocket. It’s fantastic for storing your passport, cell phone, or cash when traveling. And it’s safe! No worrying about pick-pockets or dropping something.

Travel Gifts for Eating & Drinking on the Go

Stainless Water Bottle

I’ve gone through my fair share of plastic and glass water bottles, only to be disappointed. One leaks, another one got cracked, and yet another got left on a plane – oops! I finally gave in to the stainless steel water bottle trend and I couldn’t be happier. My water still is refreshingly cold hours later! And now you can get them in adorable colors and designs!

… Or Wine Tumbler!

Maybe they already have enough water bottles, but you know what they probably don’t have? Stainless steel wine tumblers – perfect for a day at the beach or on a boat… Or a weekend enjoying the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail.

Spork Bottle Opener

Just the handy gadget you need! Need a fork? A spoon? A bottle opener? Well, here’s all three in one! Such a nifty little tool.

Wine Skins

I know, you’re questioning this one. But I found it mentioned somewhere online that it’s a great idea to put wine skins on your wine/beer bottles when you’re traveling so the glass isn’t knocking into each other. What a brilliant idea! This would have been especially helpful when we brought some rum home from Belize because one of the caps cracked in my luggage… and then again when I brought some German beer home from Munich. Oops! But now that I have these, it has never happened again.

Travel Gifts for Health & Beauty

Travel Bath Sponge

Yes, most hotels have soap, shampoo, and your basic toiletries. But sometimes it helps having something from home, or something you use more often. These travel sponges are infused with nutrients, come in a travel bag, and are only $5.99!

Cosmetic Bags

Speaking of bath products, every traveler needs a good cosmetic case to bring his/her personal products!

Travel Jewelry

 Recently I was in a shop in Baltimore in which I saw a necklace that spoke right to me – it was a world map of the continents chained together. The price tag was too high for me to justify buying, but I found it on amazon for a quarter of the price! You can find it yourself here. Or, if you’re into a more vintage look, check out this globe pendant necklace.

Jewelry Organizer

Anyone who wears jewelry knows the pains of putting their necklaces and earrings in a cosmetic case to travel. Only to find them a tangled mess when they arrive at their destination! Save the hassle and get a jewelry organizer to keep your baubles organized.

Fabric Headbands

One of the last thing a girl wants to worry about as she’s off traveling is spending time doing her hair and make-up when there are so many things to see and do! Fabric headbands are a great solution to looking cute while spending minimal time getting ready in the morning.

Travel Towel

I’ve heard great things from fellow travelers about the importance of having a travel towel. They are lightweight, roll up small, and dry quickly! Perfect for traveling.

Travel Gifts for Photographers

Instant Camera

We all love our digital photos for oh-so-many reasons. But there is something to be said about polaroid/instant photos. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of them, maybe it’s the instant gratification. Either way, I’ve got a spot in my heart for my instax Fujifilm camera. The tiny photos are great for pinning on a bulletin board at home to remind you of your travels. They are also great to use in a make-shift photobooth at a party!

Photo Printer

Let’s be honest, we live in a digital age. I love my Fuji Instax camera, but wouldn’t it be great to be able to see the photo before it’s printed? Now they have printers for that! You can use the instax film with your digital camera or smartphone and print the photos you actually want!

Travel Tech

Travel Power Adapters

This one is especially important for international travelers. If you are traveling to a different region of the world, electronics will have different plugs and buildings have different outlets. Even if you’ve brought your own charger, it won’t do you any good without the right adapter! Luckily, adapter sets are easy to find and are a perfect addition to a traveler’s wishlist. Most sets offer adapters for every region, so you’ll be prepared no matter where you go!

Power Bank

The last thing you want when you’re traveling is to have your battery die on your phone, camera, or tablet. So bring back up! Power banks are a great way to juice up your phone or tablet – and they fit right in your purse or pocket! And don’t forget to have it charged ahead of time.


Everyone raves about Beats headphones and AirPods… but those aren’t in everyone’s budget. So I treated myself to these headphones earlier this year and couldn’t be happier. They are a fraction of the price, super comfortable, and block out surrounding noise. In other words, perfect to travel with.

Reading Light

Yes, airplanes and busses have lights above the seats, but sometimes it’s less disruptive to your neighbors to use a book light. Plus, it comes in super handy if you’re sharing a hostel or hotel room with other people.

Gift Experiences… Not Items

Most travel lovers have what they want and need. Sometimes it’s hard to buy for them! But you know one thing we always want? Experiences! So get your travel lover a night at a hotel, a flight to someplace new, or an experience at a local business.


Roadtrippers has long-been one of my favorite apps to plan my trips. Recently they introduced Roadtrippers Plus, an exclusive membership that give you access to more features and member-only deals on travel brands. Normally $29.99, you can purchase a year of membership for only $23.99 with code FPRT235XTX.


The best gift? A vacation, of course! Luckily you can get deals on hotels from Expedia and Kayak have deals on hotels, flights, and experiences. Check out the offers now!

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