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Cheers! Mimosa Flights in Syracuse are More Popular than Ever

What better way to celebrate National Mimosa Day than by enjoying a mimosa flight – or two? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – flights are so popular right now, since they are a fantastic way to try multiple varieties of different food and drink. Perfect for indecisive people like me who have FOMO for the choices they didn’t land on. I’ve covered beer flights, butter flights, and coffee flights. Now it’s time to check out the fantastic mimosa flights in Syracuse and nearby restaurants.

Mimosa Flights Around the Clock

Mimosas may be most popular on Sundays are brunch. But who says you can only have mimosas at brunch? These restaurants offer mimosa flights every day of the week so you can enjoy them whenever your heart desires.


When Crazy Daisies first gained popularity, it was for the numerous social media posts with photos of their beautiful mimosa flights. Why? Because their flights not only featured a variety of fruity flavors, but they were each adorned with a different flower from their gardens. There are two different pre-selected mimosa flight options, each with 4 fruit + herb creations. And yes, each of the mimosas is also available in a full size version.

PS – When you go to Crazy Daisies, be sure to get the burrata and pesto – it’s phenomenal!

Mimosa Flights at Crazy Daisies


Boozy milkshakes and delicious cocktails are the signature items at this modern-yet-retro diner. And now that there are two Modern Malt locations in Syracuse, you have twice as many opportunities to enjoy their mimosa flights. The menu offers 8 different options, of which you can choose 4 for your flight. They even have a “manmosa”, made with Middles Ages’ Swallow Wit.


Rise N Shine continues to knock it out of the park with their delicious, creative, and instagrammable food and drinks. Their latest inventions include pancake sushi and donut waffles. So it’s no surprise that they were one of the first places to offer mimosa flights in Syracuse.
Just like their coffee flights, the mimosa flights come served in tiny mason jars on a wooden board. You can choose from a variety of colorful flavors including hibiscus, orange, fruit punch, Pink Whitney, sunrise, Hawaiian, beer, and moscow mule. Plus, you know that have some killer seasonal specials.
PS – Groups of 3-4 people might also enjoy the giant shareable mimosas.


Another spot known for its creative menu and seasonal specialties, Second Chance Diner in Camillus also features mimosa flights. Choose 4 from the list of classic varieties to make up your flight. The specialty mimosas don’t come in a flight, so they are only available as full-size drinks.
PS – Groups of 3-4 people might enjoy a mimosa tower for the table to share.

Mimosa Flights for Brunch

While some restaurants – mostly diners – offer mimosa flights every day, there are many places that only offer them as specials during weekend brunches. Make sure to add these spots to your next brunch out with your friends.


One of the hottest new restaurants in downtown Syracuse, Board & Bar Charcuterie is taking advantage of the popularity of charcuterie boards. With a menu featuring various charcuterie boards for brunch and dinner, drink flights are the perfect complement to their meals. When you visit for Sunday brunch, be sure to order a mimosa flight with your board. It features 5 flavors: cider, pear, pomegranate, honey & thyme, and traditional.

BRIAN’S LANDING (Jamesville)

On Sundays from 10am til 2pm, Brian’s Landing in Jamesville offers their brunch menu. As part of their specials, they have mimosa flights with 12 different varieties to choose from. Pick your favorite 4 to make your flight.
PS – If you go to Brian’s Landing for dinner, you can enjoy a tequila flight instead.

Special Occasion Brunches

Not to be ignored, there are some restaurants that feature brunches for special occasions and holidays. And when they do, mimosa flights are on the menu. Be on the lookout for brunch specials at Eleven Waters, Toss & Fire, Daniella’s Seafood & Pasta, and Bistro 197.

Mimosa Flights outside of Syracuse


The only distillery in Oswego County, Lock 1 Distilling Company features a truly incredible range of distilled spirits and liqueurs. With such great bases, it’s easy to fill the bar’s cocktail menu with delicious drinks. Not to be left out? Mimosa flights, of course. Available on Sundays during brunch at Lock 1.


If you find yourself in Rochester, head over to Muller’s Cider House. Not a cidery itself, but a taproom, Muller’s features ciders from across the state and country. In addition to getting a standard cider flight, you can also enjoy a mimosa flight made with changing ciders and juices.
PS – Muller’s is a popular spot for brunch in Rochester, so if you’re planning to go, get there early! And be sure to check their specials. They offer some creative drinks and dishes for various holidays.


With a menu containing beer flights, margarita flights, and even soup flights, it’s no surprise that Rocky’s on the Lake also has mimosa flights. The flights are customizable and available as part of their Sunday brunch. Who doesn’t love weekend drinks with a lake view?

What will you get in your mimosa flight?

Have you had any of these mimosa flights in Syracuse yet? Which is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments – and let me know if I missed any.

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