Mocktails at Crazy Daisies in Syracuse
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Restaurants are Getting Creative with these Mocktails in Syracuse and Central New York

Craft cocktails are definitely one of the most creative ways to enjoy beverages. Available with a variety of liquors and mixers, different restaurants strive to make a mixture of original creations and old classics. But because these drinks are centered around alcohol, there is a large selection of people who can’t enjoy them. Whether pregnant, underage, sober, allergic, on call… There’s no reason they can’t enjoy fun drinks too! Luckily, mocktails are making a comeback. Restaurants are offering creative, non-alcoholic alternatives to their specialty cocktails. Here are just a few places you can find mocktails in Syracuse and Central New York.

CopperTop Tavern

Camillus & North Syracuse

For years, CopperTop Tavern has been known for its large cocktail and draft beer list. Drink specials and happy hours. But did you know that CopperTop also offers mocktails on their menu? All three locations feature 4 mocktails on their regular menus. Choose from a Coconut Mojito, Passionfruit Spritzer, Lavender Lemonade, or a Raspberry Mockmule.

Crazy Daises


Crazy Daisies has quickly become one of the best go-to spots for food, drinks, live music, and plants in the greater Syracuse area. Their first showstopper? Mimosa flights. Featuring housemade juices, fresh-cut flowers, and local liquors, these instagrammable drink flights put Crazy Daisies on the map. They family-owned business has only continued to grow since then, adding flavorful concoctions to match each season. And yes, you can get plenty of great options without alcohol.

H. Grey Social


If you’ve never been to H. Grey Supply Co. in Cazenovia, you are truly missing out on one of the best businesses in Central New York. Owned by Travis Barr and his partner, Alex Altomonte, H. Grey is Cazenovia’s version of Rose Apothecary from Schitt’s Creek. Cosmetics, clothing, home decor, gifts, and more fill the colorful and inviting shop.

Recently, the shop expanded to include H. Grey Social, a café with a wide variety of non-alcoholic drinks (for now) and cozy seating. The menu features a different sort of mocktail menu. In addition to the typical coffee, lattes, and teas, H. Grey Social has lotus energy drinks, matcha, turmeric lattes and more. Plus, you can add a wide variety of syrups to suit any flavor preference.

Le Mélange


Le Mélange has entered the Syracuse food & drink scene with a splash. The chic restaurant that highlights its “dining with a vibe” with delicious meals and even better drinks. One of the things that stands out the most at Le Mélange is the bar and the bartenders who truly shine. An impressive cocktail menu is matched with an equally impressive mocktail menu.

Le Mélange Mocktail Menu in Syracuse

The Rooftop Lounge


One of my favorite things about the cocktail menu at The Rooftop Lounge is that it starts off with an impressive selection of mocktails. Of course, you can always choose to add liquor to them, but they are delicious on their own – and cheaper. So if you’re looking for a spot with great food and drinks – both with and without alcohol – and with a view, head up to Oswego.

Tallman Cocktail Co.


The newest cocktail spot to open in Syracuse, Tallman Cocktail Co. is bringing their A-game when it comes to crafting incredible drinks. But in addition to their high-end cocktails, Tallman crafts some impressive mocktails too! The bar recently featured a mocktail on their social media, made with egg white, herbs, fresh house-made syrups, and flower water.

Three Lives Bar


As of March 1st, Three Lives Bar in Armory Square has overhauled their menu for both food and drinks. The 3.1.23 “patch” classifies drinks in a new way based on flavor profile. While the potions, tinctures, elixirs, and poisons are all made with alcohol, the power-ups are all mocktails. These non-alcoholic drinks still get the fun game-based names as the other drinks, and still pack a punch. Try the ‘Shirley Templar’, ‘Beam Cannon’, or ‘Kirby’s Dreamsicle’, each based with sodas and juices. Or try the ‘Long Live the Queen’, a hot tea with honey and lemon.

Three Lives Bar Potions

Even More Mocktails in Syracuse

Sad that your favorite place didn’t make the list? Just ask the bartender if they can do a virgin version of anything that sounds tasty on the menu! From experience, I can say that Peacock Bar & Grill, Lemongrass, and Kasai are all happy to make alcohol-free versions of their cocktails. Also, the pub at The Cider Mill includes a unique mocktail on each of their seasonal cocktail menus.

Of course there will be some cocktails that just won’t work as well without the alcohol component, but there are plenty of mocktails just waiting to be created and enjoyed.

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