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Spend a Weekend Tasting Beer at these Breweries in Cooperstown

Cooperstown, New York may be known for baseball, but the craft beer industry there is blossoming. Most people know about Ommegang, the biggest and most popular brewery in the area. But did you know there are several other breweries in Cooperstown? There’s also a great distillery that shouldn’t be missed. Together they make for the perfect weekend of drinking and eating along the Cooperstown Beverage Trail.

Before you start heading out to all the breweries in Cooperstown, make sure you download the NYS Craft Beer App. You can “stamp your passport” at every different brewery in New York and earn prizes. Plus the map in the app is a great way to find new breweries you haven’t visited yet.


Brewery Ommegang

We’ve got to start the list of breweries in Cooperstown by naming the most popular. And while many popular places can be over-rated, Brewery Ommegang is a must-see. Great Belgian style beer. Decadent food. A gorgeous building. Scenic views around the brewery. An impressive summer concert series. Plus, you can camp right on the brewery property. Do a tour, enjoy a tasting, have dinner, play bingo at brunch, or enjoy lunch. Whatever you do at Ommegang, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re interested in a VIP experience with Ommegang, check out the Bed & Brew packages at the Inn at Cooperstown.

Cooperstown Brewing Company

In a town dedicated to baseball, it should be no surprise that Cooperstown Brewing Company is also themed around the sport. And their busiest time is during the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Induction Weekend every July. When visiting the brewery, you’ll feel like you’re in the dugout with your favorite baseball team. Murals cover the walls, making you feel right inside a stadium.

Cooperstown Brewing Company first opened in 2005, taking over the building of the former Haight Cheese Company. Operating on a 20-barrel system, the brewery grew in popularity over the years. Until eventually the company was bought by the distribution company Northern Eagle Beverages in 2014. Since then, all of the brewing has been done offsite, allowing more room for customer to enjoy the beers.

Not into beer? That’s okay. Cooperstown makes craft soda as well, aptly named “Pop Fly”.

Red Shed Brewery

Located just down the road from Ommegang, Red Shed Brewery is often passed by travelers going to the popular powerhouse brewery. But that’s a big mistake! Not only does Red Shed have a beautiful and expansive biergarten, they have some killer beers to go with it.

Red Shed is also a New York farm-based brewery, and they have a wide variety of beers available. Visitors can also choose from an impressive burger and salad menu to eat while they enjoy their drinks. I highly recommend visiting during the fall and attending their Oktoberfest.

Red Shed Oktoberfest

Cooperstown Distillery

While you’re busy visiting all the breweries in Cooperstown, don’t miss out on the distillery. There may be only one distillery in Cooperstown, but it’s a pretty great one.

Located right in the village, the Cooperstown Distillery has a great selection of spirits. Using mostly New York ingredients, the farm distillery produces incredible whiskey, rum, and vodka. And just like Cooperstown Brewery does, Cooperstown Distillery also pays homage to the village’s love of baseball. Many of the spirits have names related to the sport. And if you’re looking for the perfect gift to bring home from Cooperstown, get some whiskey in a commemorative baseball-shaped bottle.

You can also experience the distillery firsthand, by booking a distillery tour with the owner. They are offered every Saturday at 1 and 3pm.

Cooperstown Bed & Breakfast

After a day exploring all the breweries in Cooperstown, you’ll need a cozy place to spend the night. You’re in luck! Cooperstown Bed & Breakfast is the perfect spot. Located a short walk from the center of town, the B&B has everything you expect. Friendly owners, cozy bedrooms, phenomenal breakfast, and chickens in the backyard. (Okay, I’m kidding about the chickens – but they really are there. And they lay the farm-fresh eggs you’ll have for breakfast.)

New owners purchased the property a few years back and have put their heart and soul into making it their own. Their eccentric style makes the inn unique and welcoming.

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by one of the owners, and asked what you would like for breakfast. (I recommend the fresh eggs!) A handful of guest rooms scattered throughout the house have all the amenities you need. And don’t be afraid to ask the owners for recommendations for places to eat or things to do in Cooperstown. They’re happy to help!

In the morning, enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal on beautiful pottery. Despite choosing our meals the evening before, I was pleasantly surprised at the wide array of food available. Biscuits, cereal, fruit, and more was offered in addition to our entrees. Make sure to sprinkle some salt and pepper on your eggs from the cutest shakers I’ve ever seen.


  • John MacCarthy

    You completely passed over the best little brewery of the lot. “Council rock brewery” on route 28 just before the dreams park. A great selection of beers and probably the best food of any of the above mentioned places. The pesto fries are awesome and the Friday night fish fry is a must.

    • Dani

      Yes, I’ve heard of this, just haven’t had the chance to visit myself! I will make it a point to visit soon so I can add to the piece. Thanks!

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