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The Ultimate Guide to Strawberry Picking & Strawberry Festivals in Central New York this June

Last updated on June 14, 2022.

While the winter keeps us Central New Yorkers trapped inside for several months, once the weather warms up, there are so many things to do! Each month brings its own special charms. Flower festivals, food festivals, outdoor concerts, county fairs… And with the agricultural diversity upstate, there are lots of opportunities to pick your own fruits and vegetables. Apple picking, pumpkin picking, blueberry picking. But June? June is for strawberries! So take your kids or your best friend out to the farm to get the freshest fruit possible. Here’s where to go strawberry picking in Central New York, and the down-low on all the local strawberry festivals.

Strawberry Picking in Central New York

Before you head out to the strawberry fields, there are a few guidelines to follow. First, check the weather – you don’t want to be picking in the rain. And some farms want to wait until the berries dry off before they are picked. Just to be safe, call the farm before heading out. You also don’t want the field to get overpicked.

Dress appropriately. If you plan on heading out to the fields to pick, be sure to wear comfy clothes and sneakers. Check with the farm you plan to visit to see if you can/need to bring your own containers. Lastly, many of the farms are CASH ONLY. Bring cash if you aren’t sure.

PS – did you know that there are multiple varieties of strawberries? Just like apples, strawberries come in multiple varieties and many of the farms have more than one type.

Abbott Farms

📍 3275 Cold Springs Road, Baldwinsville
Abbott Farms is one of the most popular family-friendly farms in Central New York, continuously hosting events and activities throughout the year. Strawberry season is no different! Rates start at $6 per quart, $20 for 4 quarts, and $40 for 8 quarts. Or you can grab a quart from the market for $6.99 (but it’s not as much fun.) When you are done picking strawberries, head over the the bar in the main building to enjoy some local adult beverages.

U-Pick hours at Abbott’s are Monday through Friday, 8 – 5, Saturday, 8 – 6, and Sunday 10 – 5.


📍 114 Potter Road, Mexico

Located in Mexico, NY, Behling Orchards has been family-owned for 5 generations. And while the farm is packed during apple picking season, strawberry picking is what kicks off their summer. Strawberries are sold by the pound at $3 per lb.

Check Behling’s Facebook page or call 315-727-4784 to get the daily picking hours and conditions.

Behling Orchards

Candella’s Farm & Greenhouses

📍 9256 River Road, Marcy
At Candella’s Farm, strawberry picking starts for the season in mid-June. Rates are based on price – $2.95 per pound – and payment is in cash only. You are encouraged to check their Facebook page for the picking hours each day, as they vary based on weather and availability. To avoid overpicking, sometimes the u-pick will close earlier in the day than expected.


📍 East Mud Lake Road, Baldwinsville
U-pick strawberries opened for the season at Emmi’s on Friday, June 10th. The staff will give you quart-sized containers to pick with FOR FREE. Fill as many as your heart desires. Rates start at $6 per quart, $20 for 4 quarts, and $36 for 8 quarts.

U-Pick hours at Emmi’s are Monday through Saturday, 8:30 – 5:30, and Sunday 8:30 – 2:30.

Grisamore Farms

📍 4069 Goose Street, Locke
Unlike most other farms, the signature crop at Grisamore is strawberries. And it has been since the Grisamore family started the farm in 1939. Strawberry picking at the farm is expected to begin around June 20 this year. If you plan to go picking, bring your own shallow containers. Or you can purchase containers at the farm.

Indian Creek Farm

📍 1408 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca
Strawberry season at Indian Creek Farm has officially started. Head down to Ithaca to pick your own strawberries for $4/pint, $7/quart, or $37/peck. (A peck is 8 quarts.) While you are at the farm, you can also browse their selection of local honey, syrup, pottery, and herb plants.

U-Pick hours at Indian Creek are Tuesday through Sunday, 10 – 6. Unlike some other farms, they will be open rain or shine.

Navarino Orchard

📍 3655 Cherry Valley Turnpike, Syracuse
Another family-owned farm, Navarino Orchard is currently in its 3rd generation. Strawberry picking at the orchard is charged by pound, at a rate of $2.75. You can also buy strawberries from the shop for $6.50 per quart. After you’re done in the fields, enjoy a strawberry lemonade while listening to some live music on the weekends.

U-Pick hours are weekdays 8 – 7 and weekends 8 – 6.

Reeves Farms

📍 1100 Reeves Road, Baldwinsville
Reeves always brings back nostalgic vibes for me, since we passed their farm stand every summer on the way to our family camp. We’d often stop to pick up sweet corn and fresh fruits and veggies for the weekend. Now, you can join in on the fun with strawberry picking in their fields. Rates are $6 per quart, $20 for 4 quarts, and $36 for 8 quarts. Pre-picked quarts are available to purchase for $7 each or 8 for $50.

U-Pick hours are Reeves are Monday through Saturday, 9 – 7, and Sunday 9 – 5.

Yawney Farms

📍 5831 Hamilton Road, Jordan
Yawney Farms is one of the smaller strawberry fields to pick at, and also one of the cheapest. Pick 3 quarts of strawberries for just $10. You can also pick up pre-picked quarts from the stand at $6 each.

U-Pick hours at Yawney are daily 8 – 6.

Strawberry Festivals in Central New York

Strawberry Festival at Equal Rights Heritage Center
Saturday, June 11 @ 10:30am til noon

As part of the celebrations of Harriet Tubman’s 200th birthday, Auburn is hosting a strawberry festival. The festivities include a strawberry cake from Wegmans, live music, and information about the new Harriet Tubman mural coming to Auburn.

When you’re done at the festival, make sure to go inside the heritage center to learn more about equal rights movements in New York State.

Strawberry Festival at Curtis Manor
Sunday, June 12 @ 10am til 3pm

Oswego is celebrating their first annual strawberry festival at the newly renovated Curtis Manor. The former dairy farm turned event venue is proud to host the festival. In addition to mountains of fresh strawberries and strawberry shortcake, there will be plenty of activities to keep the entire family entertained. Browse through stands of local crafters, lets the kids get their faces painted, and enter to win raffle baskets.

Strawberry Festival at Abbott Farms
Saturday, June 18 @ 10am til 8pm

Abbott Farms is no stranger to seasonal farm festivals. They are kicking off this summer with their annual strawberry festival on June 18. The all-day event includes strawberry picking, specialty drinks, pony rides, tractor rides, and so much more. Visit with local vendors and wander the farm for a fun-filled day.

What to do with your freshly-picked strawberries

Now that you have bushels and pints of strawberries, what do you do with them? Of course you can eat them fresh, but it’s also a great time to get creative.

Strawberry Jam

This is a no-brainer. Make yourself some homemade jam with your freshly-picked strawberries. Enjoy it on your toast in the morning, or get fancy and make some scones and cream.

Strawberry Shortcake

No summer picnic is complete without a dessert of strawberry shortcake. Invented by Eliza Leslie in Philadelphia in the mid 1800s, strawberry shortcake has become the signature summer dessert. Freshly cut strawberries glazed with sugar, and then poured over cake or biscuits and topped with whipped cream? Perfection.

Strawberry Cocktails

Who says you can’t put a healthy twist on an adult beverage? There are plenty of ways to incorporate strawberries into your favorite cocktails. Infuse a bottle of vodka with fresh-cut strawberries. Even better? Pair your day of strawberry picking in Central New York with a trip to Lock 1 Distilling in Phoenix. Then go home and enjoy some delicious drinks.

Strawberries for Breakfast

It’s always a good idea to start your day with fresh fruit. But you can be extra creative and incorporate your strawberries into parfaits or even breakfast tacos. Here are 23 breakfast recipes using strawberries.

Strawberry Smoothies

If you pick too many strawberries to use right away, no worries. You can freeze them! Then throw them in the blender with yogurt and some other fruits to make a delicious smoothie.

Now that you’re salivating, what’s your favorite place to go strawberry picking in Central New York?

Tell me your thoughts!