Projection Halloween Display in Jamesville, New York featuring countdown clock imagery

This Jamesville House has the Most Original Halloween Display in Syracuse

Last updated on October 18, 2023.

As soon as September turns to October, pumpkins and skeletons start adorning yards everywhere you look. Lawns turn into graveyards and spooky music is playing throughout the neighborhoods. But one local family is doing this a little differently this season. Chris and his wife Lisa have spent the past year perfecting a digital display covering the front of their house. And now, the family has the most creative Halloween display in Syracuse.

Projection Halloween Display in Jamesville, New York featuring Ghostbusters imagery

The inspiration behind the Halloween display

Chris grew up overseas, where he met his wife and then followed her back to the states. Back in his home country, Halloween wasn’t the big celebration that it is here. So after buying their family home in Jamesville a few years ago, they brainstormed what they could do to decorate for the holidays.

During the Christmas 2022 season, Chris played around with image projecting. He had seen several videos online of other houses projecting video on their facades, and loved the creativity and uniqueness of it. After doing a bit of research, Chris decided to dive into the project. He admits that the hardest part of the process was mapping out the house. Getting the correct measurements and angles for the display is the most painstaking, but also the most important part.

Once the house was accurately mapped out, Christopher then needed to source videos. Using the measurements, he found videos he liked was had them adapted to fit within the house’s specific parameters. Once he got the videos, all he had to do was set up the projector in the perfect spot.

Meeting the family

After testing out the process and perfecting the pieces during Christmas, Chris was ready to share his work with the public. Earlier this month, he reached out to me to invite me to come experience their Halloween display. I was immediately intrigued, as the project reminds me a lot of the LUMA Festival that occurs every September in Binghamton.

When I arrived at the house on a dark Monday night, I was blown away. The technology is incredible, and it was a joy to see Chris sitting in his front lawn with his son watching the videos play across their house. I had the pleasure of getting to chat with Chris about the display and how it came to be. (As a bonus I also got to meet and pet their dog.) So far, the family says that the neighborhood has been welcoming with the added lights throughout October and December. He adds that they are appreciative to have such supportive neighbors, and their support helps to make the projections a success.

Projection Halloween Display in Jamesville, New York featuring Jurassic Park imagery

The family‘s 2023 Halloween display

Located at 6425 Cricklewood Green Lane in Jamesville, supporters can follow along with the seasonal updates on their Facebook page, Projections at Cricklewood. This year’s Halloween display features 5 separate songs/videos: Haunted Mansion, Nightmare Before Christmas, Jurassic Park, Thriller, and Ghostbusters. The videos play on a loop, restarting roughly every 25 minutes.

Visitors can enjoy the displays every night of the week, weather dependent. Sunday through Thursday nights the show runs from dark until 9pm. On Friday and Saturday nights it goes until 10pm. The family has a speaker playing the music, but others can also tune their car radios to 88.5 FM to hear the songs.

The family asks that if you go and visit their Halloween display, be courteous of their neighbors and other visitors (headlights off, music at a reasonable level). And they’d love to see your photos as well, so don’t forget to post them on Facebook and tag Projections at Cricklewood!

Projection Halloween Display in Jamesville, New York featuring Haunted Mansion imagery

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