Blueberry Brook Farm Resort in Deansboro, NY
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Blueberry Brook Farm Resort in New York Has Something for Everyone

Mountain bike trails. A naturally heated hot tub. Rows and rows of blueberry bushes. Spa services. Homemade breakfast. Dog-friendly hiking trails. Is your interest piqued yet? Good, because you’ll find all this and more at Blueberry Brook Farm Resort in Deansboro, New York. This recently renovated bed & breakfast features all of the charm and amenities you need for the perfect stay in Upstate New York.

Special thanks to Blueberry Brook for hosting me for the night. It was great to see all the updates and hear about their plans for the future. [Read about my previous stay at Blueberry Brook back in 2019.]

The History of Blueberry Brook Farm Resort

Blueberry Brook Farm Resort was previously owned by Virginia & Robert Palusky. The couple followed an investment that Ginny made with her father to buy the property. After some careful consideration, they decided to turn the 1860s farmhouse into the perfect bed & breakfast. And they named it after Ginny’s father, Brooke.

But recently, Ginny and Bob decided to move away to be closer to family. They sold the property to Dan Williams, who has owned the adjoining property for many years. He’d had his eye on the bed & breakfast, so when the opportunity came, he jumped at the chance. Along with Katie and Ian, he has started to turn the place into an adventure destination.

Now, the slightly renamed Blueberry Brook Farm Resort is a destination for everyone. It’s a relaxing getaway with your closest friends. An adventure weekend with the boys. A family vacation in a cozy restored building. With hundreds of acres of land and a wide variety of amenities, it’s a place that will please the most diverse group of guests.

Since purchasing the property, Dan and his crew have put their own spin on the decor and furnishings of the farmhouse. But they’ve done it with the utmost respect for the work that Ginny and Bob put into it. It’s impossible to erase the passion and love that was originally put into every detail of the property. And Dan continues to infuse his passion into it today. (Look closely at the barn and you’ll see a “Palusky” sign. A nice tribute to the couple that started it all.)

The Rooms at Blueberry Brook Farm Resort

Inside the refurbished farmhouse you’ll find five luxury suites available for guests. Each of the suites features a private bathroom, gorgeous furnishings, and comfortable beds. Some of the suites have their own patio or balcony space to enjoy as well. All necessary linens and toiletries are provided.

But that’s not all. The adjacent 1800s schoolhouse has also been refurbished into an open-concept studio also available to rent nightly. The schoolhouse features beautiful antique furniture, a private bathroom, a kitchenette, and access to the basement lounge. There you will find couches and a billiards table. It’s the perfect spot for late night drinks and hang outs.

Traveling with a large group? No problem; you can rent the entire resort! There’s plenty of space for a large family or group of friends to spread out for a vacation.

All of the suites and the schoolhouse are available to rent through AirBnB.

Activities at Blueberry Brook Farm Resort

With the “Danimaland” property – named after Dan himself – the resort spans over a few hundred acres of land. Throughout the space Dan has created several miles trails for hiking and biking. There are options for both laidback guests and adventure seekers alike. Nature lovers and food aficionados.

Mountain Bike Trails

Dan’s biggest passion is outdoor adventures – and he’s made that prominent in his offerings to guests at the farm resort. Miles of unique and challenging mountain bike (and e-bike) trails are woven throughout the property. Guests are invited to bring their bikes to experience the trails for themselves.

Chenango Canal Towpath

The farm resort’s property juts up to the Chenango Canal Towpath. That means that there are even more trails for walking, hiking, biking along the canal. I highly recommend exploring the towpath because the scenery is breathtaking. And yes, it’s dog-friendly.

Naturally-Heated Hot Tub

Who doesn’t love a good hot tub when they are staying somewhere away from home? Right. No one. But this one takes the cake. The small pool-turned-hot tub is actually naturally heated by a wood fire stove. Spend your evenings soaking in the beautiful nature of Oneida County.

Blueberry Picking

Where did you think Blueberry Brook got its name? Yes, partly from Ginny’s father, but also for the large field of blueberry bushes right next to the farmhouse. And you guessed it, guests staying at the resort are allowed to pick blueberries for free when they are in season.

During blueberry picking season, visitors to the property can also pay a small fee to pick blueberries.


Blueberry Muffin

It may be called a farm resort, but it initially began as a bed and breakfast. Dan, Katie, and the crew have maintained that aspect of their guests’ visits. So expect a delicious breakfast each morning. It will likely contain blueberry pancakes or blueberry muffins if they are in season.

Blueberry Brook’s Plans for the Future

It may sound like there is already so much to do at the resort, but their future plans are even bigger.

Treehouse Rentals

Dan is currently renovating a treehouse toward the back of the property that sleeps up to 3 people. It has kitchenette and a large wrap-around deck that overlooks a small pond. Once construction on the treehouse is completed, it will be available to rent.

Unique Tiny Houses

You thought a treehouse sounded cool, but what about a school bus? Or a fire truck? Well, both of those are also currently being renovated into tiny houses. They will add to the charm and eclecticism of the accommodations at the resort.


In the gravel-covered space between the hot tub and the schoolhouse, Dan has plans for a cantina. Featuring fresh, local ingredients, the kitchen will serve up some delicious meals for its guests.

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