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Upstate New York

Need a Laugh? Here Are Some of the Best April Fools Jokes in Upstate New York

It’s a day you either love or you hate. The pranksters love it and can’t wait to see what jokes local businesses come up with for April Fools Day. Some folks get angry, but laugh it off because they are just mad they fell for the joke. Then there’s the most serious folks who don’t get the jokes at all. Oh well. Their loss. I love the jokes! And since there were some particularly good ones today, here are some of the best April Fools Jokes in Upstate New York.

PS, you can drive 55mph on the parkway again. That’s no joke.

PPS, when I lived in Australia, I told friends and family back home that I met Hugh Jackman. The best part was that I was a day ahead of them so they weren’t in the April Fools mindset yet. So they believed me! Sadly, I haven’t met him. It even took another 10 years before I even saw him in concert.

Almost Local

Okay, I’m ashamed to admit that this one got me for a second. Perhaps because I wasn’t fully awake yet, but I was absolutely appalled at the idea of squirrel containers. I mean… really? But I also know Rachel, and this did NOT seem like something she would support. Unfortunately, it took me longer than I care to admit to realize it.

Beak & Skiff

I mean, we all know that fall is the heyday of Beak & Skiff’s year. But their summer concert series and apple campus in Lafayette are phenomenal in the summer too! This one didn’t get me for a second.


Okay, this was clearly a joke. Who would ruin the Finger Lakes like that? Yet, FingerLakes.com received over 200 complaints and had to keep reminding people it was a joke! The best part is the press release that went with the concept. You really should read it.

Keep an eye out for what they come up with next year. They’ve gotten quite a reputation for some phenomenal jokes – including dolphins in the lakes, renaming the lakes by number, and being purchased by John Travolta!

Heroes Brewing Company

I know, I know. There are plenty of weird laws out there. Did you know that it’s illegal to wear slippers after 10pm in New York state? (Shhh don’t tell anyone I’ve definitely broken that law.) But criminalizing hops? Half of my current career is based in the brewery world! Yea, this one didn’t get me either. But good for a laugh!

Onondaga Historical Association

This one has to be my favorite of the day. Who doesn’t love fun facts? They are truly one of my favorite things. Not only is this joke just really funny to think about, it’s also entirely TRUE.

Rosamond Gifford Zoo

So this one technically isn’t an April Fools joke, but it’s still pretty great. For real, this frog is called the “Bird Poop Frog”. And yes, it does look like something I’d need to clean off my car window.

Salt City Market

It’s probably because I’m currently out-of-town, but this one got me for a hot minute. Because if Tom Holland and Zendaya were in town – at one of my favorite places – and I missed the chance to see them?!?! That would not be cool. Not at all. Luckily, I quickly realized it was a joke.

Not a joke? Using their reusable containers!

Utica Coffee

Utica is famous for a few of their local dishes. I would know – I’m a fan of them all! But as coffee flavors? Yea… I’ll pass.

Secret NYC

Lastly, I know this is about April Fools jokes in Upstate New York and this one’s not upstate. But who doesn’t hate getting stuck behind a crowd of slow walkers in NYC? We’ve got places to be, people! Also – how the heck would you attempt to monitor such a law? Ha!

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