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Wondering Where to Get Brunch in Oswego County? This List Has You Covered

As the days get colder and the nights grow longer, we need comfort food more than ever. So with today’s first snow of the season, it seems like the perfect time to search for new brunch places. Since I’ve already covered the brunch places in Syracuse, it’s time to head a little further north. This time we’re taking a look at Fulton, Phoenix, and other places to enjoy brunch in Oswego County.

Country Glazed

Central Square, NY

Okay, so technically this one isn’t a real brunch spot. But I couldn’t talk about breakfast places in Oswego County without mentioning the best donuts around. Owned by relatives of the ever-popular Glazed & Confused in Syracuse, Country Glazed specializes in cake donuts. They craft up delicious old-fashioned style donuts with both traditional and creative toppings. Opt for the crowd-pleasing cinnamon fry cake. Or go for a more unique flavor. Like “Killer Crunch” with cinnamon swirl icing and Cinnamon Toast Crunch pieces. Or “Hella Nutella”, dipped in orange glaze and topped with a dollop of Nutella. Whether classic or special, you can’t go wrong with these donuts.

Kristen’s Kitchen

Just last week Kristen’s Kitchen at Battle Island announced that brunch is starting up this month. Although things at the golf course wrap up for the season when the weather turns cold, that’s when brunch starts back up. Owner Kristen Aluzzi is happy to keep her guests coming in with some delicious brunch options.

The menu is a mix of traditional favorites and fun specials. There’s the “Bills Wafflia”, a Belgian waffle topped strawberries and blueberries. Or the Brioche French Toast with apple compote and a cinnamon honey butter. If you’re feeling fancy, try the Battle Island Crab Benny made with fresh steamed crab.

Finish off your meal with one of the special brunch cocktails while listening to live music. Brunch is served every Sunday in the winter from 11am until 2pm. Reservations are recommended.

Lakeview Lanes

Fulton, NY

One of the best brunch spots in Oswego County might surprise you. That’s because it’s at a bowling alley. Unlike most alleys with cardboard pizza and freezer-burnt appetizers, Lakeview Lanes has an actual chef in the kitchen making great food. Plus, if a bowling alley is going to serve brunch, you know it’s got to be some good stuff coming out of that kitchen!

Every Sunday from 10am til 1pm, Lakeview Lanes hosts their Boozy Brunch. The menu includes brunch favorites like stuffed French toast, breakfast pizza, eggs benedict, and a brunch burger. Plus they offer flights of bloody marys, mimosas, and margaritas. Their beer menu is also impressive, with a wide variety of local brews in addition to the usual macro beers.

Plus, once you’re done with brunch, you can bowl a few rounds. What better way to spend your Sunday?

Lock 1 Distilling Company

Phoenix, NY

Not only does this award-winning distillery make great spirits, they have a great food menu too. Chef Frank has put together an array of wood-fired pizzas, burgers, tacos, and other goodies for the bar patrons to enjoy. But on Sunday mornings, they mix it up for their famous brunch. Chicken & waffles, coconut French toast, and breakfast tacos are just some of the delicious creations you can enjoy.

And don’t forget the drinks! Because brunch is really just a late breakfast with alcohol, right? It’s no surprise that Lock 1 crushes their brunch cocktails. The drink menu includes the popular mimosa flight alongside several craft cocktails made with in-house spirits.

Oswego Tea Company

Oswego, NY

Another great brunch spot I’ve discovered in the area is Oswego Tea Company. First of all, it’s so cute and charming with its stained glass windows and interior murals. Second, they have some pretty delicious food. Most notably, they are beloved for their amazing raisin bread.

As both a café and a bakery, technically it’s serving brunch food all the time. Every week, Thursday through Monday, you’ll find all of your favorite breakfast dishes alongside a fantastic selection of breads and pastries. The staff is wonderful, and they go the extra mile making each dish look beautiful. Plus, it’s very budget friendly. Definitely a must visit.

Riverwalk Bagels & Riverwalk Pizza

Oswego, NY

If you’re looking for a spot that will suit everyone, check out Riverwalk. On one side, there’s Riverwalk Pizza, home to wood-fired pizzas. On the other side, you’ll find Riverwalk Bagels. And then next door is Riverwalk Coffee Roasters.

So if you’re feeling more “lunchy” for brunch, grab some pizza. You can choose from the specialty pizzas on the menu or create your own personal pizza. Choose your own sauce, cheese, meat, veggies, and finish – then watch as they make it right in front of you.

But if you’re feeling more “breakfasty”, go for a coffee and a bagel – the real New Yorker special. Before they opened, Riverwalk actually consulted with bagel makers in NYC to bring the iconic food to Oswego. Made fresh daily, they feature a wide variety of flavors and bagel sandwiches. Plus, they sell day-old bagel dozens for $5. A favorite of the local college students – and folks on a budget.

Southern Fare

Oswego, NY

Located in the heart of Oswego, Southern Fare has both great food and cool vibes. We had dinner and cocktails there one night, and loved it. As for the main dishes, there is a variety of chicken, seafood, and burgers. The entrees range in style from “I’m going to get barbecue sauce all over me” to “Am I using the right fork?” So there is something for everyone! Pro tip: get the fried chicken.

But it gets better. On Sundays, Southern Fare is the best place to get brunch in Oswego. I mean, you’re not going to find better chicken and waffles in Central New York! Add to that several other delicious options like pork hash, a breakfast sandwich on a house-made pretzel bun, mac & cheese, and creole gumbo. Plus, you guessed it, bottomless mimosas. ($22 with the purchase of an entree and with a 2-hour time limit.)

Oh, and it’s on both Saturdays AND Sundays. Double the brunching opportunities!

More Brunch Specials in Oswego County

Of course, special occasions and warm weather call for even more brunch meals. For example, both Duskee’s in Phoenix and Chubby’s in Fulton have brunch burgers on special for Sunday football games. And when there are Sunday morning games (from Europe), they open extra early with a special brunch menu.

When summer rolls around, Canale’s in Oswego adds brunch to their weekly lineup (June through September). Plus, special brunch menus are created for holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Reservations are recommended for those dates.

Don’t forget the diners

I’d be remiss to leave out some of the spots where you can order brunch food whenever your heart desires – at diners. And Oswego County has plenty great diner options too:

  • Good Golly’s Family Restaurant in Central Square
  • Maria’s Family Restaurant in Oswego
  • R Diner in Central Square

Tell me your thoughts!