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Discover Why Aqua Spa Float Center in Oswego, NY is the Perfect Place to Relax

Yesterday I did something very unusual. I RELAXED. For the entire day. Okay, technically I was relaxing for work, but still. I let my brain shut off and it was glorious. My husband and I spent the day at Aqua Spa Float Center in Oswego, NY and we got to try several new wellness therapies that we’d never tried before. We did a float tank, salt room, cold chamber, infrared sauna, and more. It was a completely new experience for us, but one that we thoroughly enjoyed.

A little backstory. A couple months ago Tammy Wilkinson from Aqua Spa Float Center & Wellness Boutique reached out to invite me to experience the center and all of their amenities. Lately I’ve been more interested in learning about and experiencing different wellness techniques, especially since covering many of these treatments recently for CNY Magazine. So of course I took her up on the offer. Especially since we’ve been ripping out our back deck at home has left us extra sore lately.

About Aqua Spa Float Center

Tammy and her partner Terry first opened the spa in 2020 as a way to introduce these therapies to the local community. Why? Years ago Tammy was diagnosed with Lupus. Struggling with how to cope, she found that the pain relief and stress reduction she has found through these types of treatments has truly been life changing for her.

The 6,500-square-foot facility sits on the banks of the Oswego River in the heart of the city. Taylored Architecture and Taylor + Company Interiors worked together to professionally design the spa. The teams actually won an award for the design in 2022 from the American Institute of Architects.

Aqua Spa features a variety of suites for the different therapies, with most being private for the individual or couple using it. I loved how the suites were each named after an area representing the climate or feeling of the room. For example, the sauna suites were named after deserts and the float suites after feelings of enlightenment.

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Amenities for Spa-Goers

For folks enjoying the spa’s treaments have access to a few other amenities while they are there. First off if the Primp Room. This is where guests can get ready, put on their spa robes, and store their personal belongings. There are also spare towels and hair dryers for guests to use.

Second is the Whisper Room. It’s important to note that in addition to being the ultimate serene place, the room is absolutely stunning. The room is filled with lounge chairs, a gas fireplace, a shelf of books to read, and a collection of tea to enjoy.

Aqua Spa’s Ultimate Experience

When Tammy reached out, she offered to treat us to the spa’s ultimate experience. By trying a handful of different wellness modalities, we were able to see which treatments we liked best. Our day started with a warm greeting inside the center before we slipped on our spa shoes and extra cozy robes.

Infrared Sauna with Chromotherapy

First up we did an infrared sauna with chromotherapy. Now, there’s a reason I live in Syracuse. I’m not made for the heat. But after the first few minutes, I let myself relax and let the infrared rays do their work. Unlike traditional saunas with steam, infrared saunas use dry heat.

Before going into the sauna, you have two decisions to make: the program and the lighting color. You can choose from a variety of programs that have three different infrared wavelengths that penetrate the skin. Secondly, choose the color of the lighting inside the sauna. Both choices are outlined on the wall, with the various benefits listed in detail.

It’s also important to hydrate both before and after visiting the sauna. Your wellness ambassador will have a cold cup of water waiting for you. And the best part? After finishing the sauna, there is a cold, wet, lavender-scented washcloth to cool your face off.

Float Therapy

Next on our agenda was Aqua Spa’s signature treatment, the float tank. Float therapy was something my brother-in-law loved and tried to get us to do for years. And I have to admit, it was quite relaxing. So much so that I had to remind my body that it is okay to turn off my brain and just be. Aqua Spa has two different float tanks. The first is the deluxe float suites, offering the larger tanks for either individuals or couples. The second is the orb, reminiscent of a tanning bed, with a top that closes overtop of you.

Inside both, the tank holds about 10 inches of highly saturated saltwater, designed for humans to float perfectly. Floaters can choose whether to have a bright blue light or total darkness. Soft, calming music or silence. And lastly, my favorite part, you can choose if you want twinkling stars on the roof above you.

In order to maintain the purity of the saltwater, floaters are required to shower before and after entering the float tank. It reminded me of when my friends and I visited one of the natural lagoons in Iceland.

Salt Room / Halotherapy

Our third modality was the salt room for halo therapy. This one was the one I was most excited about because I love the way it helps you breathe deeper as it clears toxins from your lungs. A day later I still can feel the benefits of the salt.

As you enter the salt room, you are advised to remove your spa slides and take onto the floor made of pink himalayan salt. The walls are also lined with salt bricks. But the majority of the salt therapy comes from medical-grade ultra fine salt that is blown into the room through the main vent.


The fourth therapy was one that can scare off a few people – cryotherapy. Yes, we were in a chamber that was -132 degrees Fahrenheit for 2 minutes. And that’s just level 1. Levels 2 and 3 get even colder, and the sessions can last up to 3 minutes. Any longer can be dangerous.

Before getting into the chamber, you have to put on gloves, socks, and shoes. All of which are provided. Unlike some of the other modalities, guests have to wear underclothing for this experience.

I’ll admit that it wasn’t my favorite of the modalities, but it really wasn’t bad! It’s good to get the jumpstart to your blood to get your heart pumping. You can pretend you’re a professional athlete taking an ice bath to soothe your muscles.

Cryotherapy chamber with a man sticking his head out the top among the smoke from nitrogen gas

Massage Chair

The cold was followed by the most relaxing of all – the massage chair. This isn’t the one you find at the mall or the nail salon. No, this is the king of all massage chairs, with rollers, air pressure, and other techniques to work out the knots all over your body. I could have stayed in the chair all day.

Oxygen Bar

We wrapped up our experience with ten minutes at the oxygen bar. Did you know that the air we breathe is only about 20% oxygen? Meanwhile, the air here is filtered to pure oxygen, and then supplemented with delightful scents to awaken your brain. I used a mixture of lavender lemongrass and rosemary mint.

Other Therapies at Aqua Spa

Of course, there are more therapies at Aqua Spa than the ones we tried. In addition to those already mentioned, the spa offers IV drip therapy, micro-needling, cryoskin, hydrofacials, LED light therapy, and PBM therapy. The staff is well-trained in each of the specialties and happy to answer any questions you have before or after your treatments.

There is also a robust retail section, offering everything from lotions and candles to water bottles and tinctures. There are also a few delicious snacks including jerky and boba tea.

Overall, I have to say that I haven’t ever felt as calm and rested as I did yesterday, and still do today. The back pain I normally have is almost non-existent for now, and my mind has been put at ease.

If you’re looking for a place to treat yourself and wash away the stress of today’s world, check out AquaSpa in Oswego and let me know what you think! I’d love to hear which of these therapies you enjoy the most.

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